Volunteers Wanted

At this time these are all volunteer positions but this is a fun and exciting way to learn magic and get involved in live theater and who knows they could change to paying positions in the future.

I am looking for volunteers in these areas.

I am always looking for volunteer magicians to perform with me in my shows both private and public, do magic to help promote the shows, or help with charity events.

I am looking for talented female assistants. The responsibilities and frequency of use really vary depending on the shows. Usually my assistant is responsible getting the props ready, carrying them on and off stage during a performance, and often takes a very active part in the performance. You should be comfortable fitting in tight spaces. Some experience in theater and dance would help.

Stage manager:
My stage manager is responsible for making sure the set is ready, operating sound and lighting or calling the cues and getting the show started on time. You should have some theater experience and a good knowledge of sound and lighting.

Public relations:
I am looking for someone to get out there and promote the shows, find new venues, gigs and keep us performing?