Books by Monty

Magic Words.

The ultimate book test, prediction or discovery. Some of the features include:

  • Hundreds of ways to perform this fantastic mental illusion.
  • A utility tool that you will use for ever
  • It is a book of actual crossword puzzles about magic. Some easy some extremely difficult.
  • You can perform Magic Words with a different ending every time.
  • Perfect for mental predictions.
  • Perfect as a book test. Every word is numbered because of the crosswords. You can use any word in the book.
  • Perfect for a discover. You write a number. The spectator picks a card. Look up your number and it matches the card.
  • You can make the answer unique to every performance.
  • Improve your magic knowledge. Improve your magic vocabulary.

Best of all, even if you never perform the effect you will enjoy the puzzles. They are just downright fun. You will really enjoy this one.

Learn how to repair binoculars. Complete Tutorial.

A complete guide to binocular repair. Covers repair, cleaning, and adjustment of binoculars -- for the hobbyist as well as the advanced binocular repair technician.

Learn about dogs with this fun crossword puzzle.

This fun crossword puzzle book about dogs will give you hours of fun and at the same time teach you more then you ever wanted to know about our best friend.

Learn about cats with this fun crossword puzzle.

A fun crossword puzzle book about cats. Learn and have fun at the same time while you enjoy these puzzles.

Learn to repair and restore classic and antique cameras. Complet Tutorial.

A complete camera repair guide to restoration and repair of the classic cameras of yesteryear--for beginners as well as for advanced camera repair technicians.

How to restore and repair the classic antique cameras to proper working condition as well as cosmetically.

Learn to repair and restore Leica iiiF cameras. Complet Tutorial.

A comprehensive camera repair guide dedicated to restoration and repair of the screw-mount Leica.

Learn all about football with this fun Football Crossword Puzzles.

Football Crossword Puzzles makes a great travel companion. When you are finished you will be able to amaze your friends.

Learn all about basketball with this fun Basketball Crossword Puzzles.

This book is filled with crossword puzzles about the history of basketball, the teams, basketball terms, and Hall of Famers.

Magic Tutorials. Learn about magic and magic tricks.

Magic tricks and supplies for all ages.

Charlie Joke Collection

Charlie's Joke Collection is hilarious, the funniest book around. This book is filled with the best jokes ever.