Performance Tips for Magicians

Mum's the Word!

NEVER tell them how a trick is done even if they ask you about a trick they saw Copperfield do. It's unfair to the other magicians in the world. You wouldn't want another magician to reveal the secrets to one of your tricks.

Be careful about allowing video recording of your performance. People will be able to closely examine your routine at their leisure, ad infinitum. Remember that, when you're checking all of your angles and the flow from one move to the next.

If you are building an illusion, check with your local community theatre. They usually have great prop and set design people. A good prop person or set designer can paint and make any illusion look good. Often they will also help you build the illusion for a reasonable fee.

Magic Live on TV News
By: Monty

Effect: You got asked to be on the TV news!!!
Now what do you do?

Develop a working relationship with other magicians; they'll be able to hand you performances they're too busy to do and vice-versa.