Performance Tips for Magicians

A break away wand can be used as a production item. It can easily fit into unusually shaped load chambers and then be produced as a solid magic wand.

Misdirection is Your Friend

All too frequently, perfectly good tricks are destroyed by magicians who refuse to learn the basics of misdirection. Properly used, the knack of misdirection can allow you to make moves you could never make, if the audience wasn't momentarily distracted.  

Give Them Their Money's Worth

Don't be a clock-watcher! There's nothing less professional than a performer who continually checks his watch. I've seen magicians leave a gig exactly at the hour's mark - amid trick!. Though you are working to the contract, your social skills will suffer and your call back rate will plummet!  

Store appearing canes in PVC pipe to protect them form damage.

Be Prepared for Impromptu Action

You're a magician; act like one. Every magician is presumed to be an expert with a deck of cards and a pocketful for coins. Stay versatile, and be alert to your audience. Of course, being an insufferable ham does help matters.