Performance Tips for Magicians

Be Clear and Concise

When speaking to your audience, enunciate clearly. Don't mumble or speak softly. Also, don't drone on or be pedantic; be clear in speech, mannerism, movements and especially in your instructions.  

Business Cards

The best thing you can do for your career as a magician is to invest in 1000 business cards. Be generous with them when you think they will be of some use; at every show, pull a few out of someone's ear.

Be Professional  

Develop yourself professionally. Study magic, stagecraft, acting, speech, anything that will help you be a better performer. Knowledge that you bring in from other fields can only enhance your act and will make you a more interesting person and performer.  

Volunteer to do your magic show for non-for-profit organizations as often as you can; it's the best way to gain experience and to make yourself known. Hospitals, care homes, charity fundraisers and schools can give you a lot of "free" promotion.

Don't worry about making money at first. Do it for the passion of performing.