Performance Tips for Magicians

Joining a Magic Organization

If you want to be a magician, join a magic organization; they frequently know of the best sources of sustained gigs. Join as many as you can. You will find it's well worth the dues.

Give Them Their Money's Worth

Don't be a clock-watcher! There's nothing less professional than a performer who continually checks his watch. I've seen magicians leave a gig exactly at the hour's mark - amid trick!. Though you are working to the contract, your social skills will suffer and your call back rate will plummet!  

Question: How do I become a better magician because when people mess up the trick or say how I did it I get kind of mad?

Answer: Just remember, our main job as a magician is not to fool people. It is to entertain them. Practices helps, but mainly enjoy your magic, enjoy the people, and enjoy entertaining them. Fooling them is nice but it is not the main thing.


As a magician, if you can convince restauranteurs and bar-owners to allow you to perform in their respective places of business you will usually be asked to return.
Remember, many diners don't wish to have their meals or conversations interrupted. Use your intuition. If a table doesn't look like it's “in the mood” avoid it.

Stage entrance

Entering through curtains. Learned from live theater. If it is a problem have
someone page (move them for you) the curtains. The stage hand will usually be
happy to do this for you if asked. The second best way is to spike the curtains
with tape as mentioned but put the spike tape at arm level near the edge of
each of the curtains. Then simply grab the tape like a handle and pull the tape
and curtain aside to walk through. Some times it is dark back stage and you
cannot see the spike. In that case use glow tape or two clothes pins on the