Performance Tips for Magicians

Close-Up Magic - A definition

Cards, coins, cups and balls, balls, thimbles and any other generally hand-sized tricks are called close-up magic. Generally, magicians will specialize in one or the other of these different subfields.

Creating and Using an Audition Tape  

Get a tripod. “Documentary-style” shaky camera shots are comical at best and you will wind up looking like your Aunt Betsy filmed you as you performed for the birthday party. You will not impress a prospective employer that way.

If possible, get your audition tapes done professionally. The expense will be repaid when you get twice as many gigs with a good tape as you could have with a bad one.  

Be careful about allowing video recording of your performance. People will be able to closely examine your routine at their leisure. Remember that, when you're checking all of your angles and the flow from one move to the next.  

Joining a Magic Organization

If you want to be a magician, join a magic organization; they frequently know of the best sources of sustained gigs. Join as many as you can. You will find it's well worth the dues.

How Many Card Tricks

There are lots of good card tricks, but some magicians insist on trying to do all of them at once. Three good card tricks at a time are plenty.