Sorry, this is one of the functions that requires a secret code.

Monty's Magic
Secret Code FAQs

What is the Secret Code?
The Secret Code is a secret set of characters and numbers. If you enter the correct code it will reveal a secret of magic. There are many Secret Codes. Some Secret Codes are very complex while others are very easy. Try entering 793.8 to learn one of the best kept secrets of magic.

Is the Secret Code case sensitive?
Yes it is case sensitive. It can be letters, numbers, characters, and it is case sensitive.

How do I learn a Secret Code?
There are several ways to learn a Secret Code. These are the most popular ways that you can learn a Secret Code.

Do you ever change a Secret Code?
Yes, we change them often to protect the secrets. If we feel that a Secret Code is becoming too well known we will change it.

Can I tell the Secret Code to my friends?
It is a secret. Use your own judgment about this. If someone is really trying to learn how to do magic, it is OK to help them learn to do magic, but you should not just teach them the secrets. People enjoy magic because of the secrets.