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Monty's ponytail, going.

Monty's ponytail, going.

Monty's ponytail, gone.

Going! Going! Gone!

Monty performed a different type of magic August 25, 2006. He made an old friend disappear. His ponytail disappeared almost as fast as he makes a coin, dollar, or other object disappear on stage.

We are not sure why Monty cut his long hair but it is rumored that he may have seen a Long Tailed Nimaiwa. That is probably not true since the Long Tailed Nimaiwa Is a mythical creature that most magicians believe really does not exist. However, the legend is believed by many magicians so we can't rule it out. It is said that if magician sees a Long Tailed Nimaiwa he must cut his hair and keep it short for a period of ten years or he will loose his magical powers.

We will just have to wait and see if Monty keeps his hair short for ten years.