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Roger Crabtree was the 43 rd. I.B.M. International President from 1981-1982

Yona Chock (The Magic Story Teller) and Mr. "O" (Harvey Ouchi) Were featured on KHNL 8 News because of a show they did for Big Brothers and Big Sisters at Monty's Magic Theater on December 9, 2001.

In addition to his well-publicized career as a magician and escape artist, Houdini also pursued a number of unusual hobbies. Among them were: Aviation - Houdini completed the first manned flight on the continent of Australia. Film - Houdini served as a writer, producer, or actor in a number of movies during the birth of the moving picture. Among the movies he appeared in were Terror Island, The Grim Game, and The Man from Beyond.
Houdini had five brothers and a sister, but had no children.
The Society of Young Magicians (S.Y.M.) was established in July,1984. Nearly 100 S.Y.M. Assemblies have been established since that time. The official publication of the S.Y.M. is The "Magic SYMbol."