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Magic History

David Copperfield Born September 16, 1956, young David Kotkin was performing professionally in his home town of Metuchen, New Jersey, at the age of twelve. Soon thereafter, he became the youngest person ever to be admitted to the Society of American Magicians. By sixteen, he was teaching magic at New York University.

Harry Houdini gave what was to be his final performance on October 24th, 1926 at The Garrick Theatre in Detroit.

Houdini died on Halloween, 1926 from peritonitis caused by a ruptured appendix. For years, it has been assumed that a blow to his abdomen from an overzealous college student killed him. Houdini was known for his tremendous physical condition, and could withstand blows to the abdomen by tensing his muscles. While performing in Canada, however, he was challenged by a student who didn't give him time to prepare for the punch. Whether or not the blow ruptured his appendix, it did not cause the appendicitis, which is a bacterial infection. Houdini met his untimely death on October 31, 1926, at Grace Hospital in Detroit, Michigan. (The most common misinformation about his death resulted from the 1953 Houdini movie starring Tony Curtis, in which Houdini dies during an underwater escape.)
Dai Vernon (David Frederick Wingfield Verner) was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on June 11, 1894. He got the nickname of "Dai" when a typo in a newspaper gave him Dai instead of David.
Anthony Shelley was the 51 st. I.B.M. International President from 1989-1990