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Magic History

Houdini was known as a debunker of fake mediums and spiritualists. His interest began during his bereavement after the death of his mother, Cecilia Weiss. Because of his background as an illusionist, he recognized the techniques of mediums who claimed to have contacted the spirit world. Houdini became a crusader against these charlatans who bilked grieving families of their money. He frequently attended seances in disguise in order to expose the mediums.
Chauncey Sheridan was the 18 th. I.B.M. International President from 1956-1957
C. James McLemore was the 16 th. I.B.M. International President from 1954-1955
Kenneth Klosterman was the 57 th. I.B.M. International President from 1995-1996
In 1914, the Houdinis met Theodore Roosevelt when they sailed aboard the Hamburg-American Line from Europe to New York.