This is a very basic magic concept. Once learned, it can be adapted for close-up, classroom or stage magic using any available people or props.

You must first assemble your change bag. Take two paper bags, lunch bag size or larger, and trim inch from the top edge of one. Place the shorter bag inside the taller bag and using a very little rubber cement glue together the top edges of both sides and the back. Leave the front side open so that you can slide your hand between the two bags. You can now hide a silk scarf or other production item in this secret pocket and, by holding the front edge closed with your fingers, tip the bag upside down to show that it is "empty".

Here is an example of how the change bag can be used. You will need a small red square, a small yellow and a larger orange square square of tissue paper. Take the larger piece of tissue paper and fold it so that you can slide it into the open side between the two bags. This is done before you go in front of the audience. You are now ready to preform your magic.

Spread the top of the bag open and hold the front side firmly closed as you tip the bag so the audience can see that it is "empty". Slowly show it from one side of the audience to the other. Show the two smaller squares of tissue paper and ask, "I wonder what would happen if we put these two pieces of paper together in the Magic Bag and mixed them up? Let's find out." Drop the papers one by one into the bag. Fold over the top of the bag, give it a shake and say your MAGIC WORD or wave your MAGIC WAND. When you open the bag act surprised when you look inside. With bag tilted toward you so the audience can't see in it, slide your hand into the hidden compartment and pull out the larger piece of tissue. Hold it up to show the audience and say, "Wow! I guess mixing red and yellow make orange I learn something new every day."

This principle of having a hidden compartment is used in many magic effects. You can vary the the trick by the things you use in the hidden pocket. Red and yellow tissue paper can combine to produce orange, as in this example, or perhaps it will turn out to be yellow with red dots. Red, white and pink paper can become a Valentine card for a special person. Lots of small silk scarves can become one big multicolored scarf. One large Sponge Bunny can become a dozen Baby Bunnies. Use your imagination to create your own versions of the basic Change Bag effect.

Have an volunteer from the audience hand you the things to put in the bag and wave the wand or say the MAGIC WORD. DO NOT let them hold or look into the Change Bag. Put the bag away as soon as you have completed this effect so that no one can discover the secret compartment. REMEMBER! Always thank your volunteer and ask the audience to applaud him.

Larger versions of the Change Bag, made of fabric with wood handles, can be used in stage shows. Some are big enough to hold a live rabbit. This basic effect can be used to "vanish" items or "appear" them, as well as change them from one thing into another.