History of Monty's Magic Portal

The Magic Portal is over 100 years old. I don't know how old it really is but we have traced it back over 100 years. The Magic Portal has been handed down form magician to magician. There are records of at least 5 magicians owning the Magic Portal back to 1884.

The first magician we know to own the Magic Portal was Earl Gray. We are not sure when Earl Gray got the Magic Portal but it was believed to be around 1884. Earl Gray traveled all over doing only one illusion with the portal making it penetrate the center of the rope.

In 1908 Earl Gray handed the Magic Portal down to Max The Magnificent who was the first magician to learn to make the Magic Portal levitate then penetrate the rope.

IN 1935 Max The Magnificent passed the Magic Portal on to Servanti who was the only evil magician we know of. Servanti used the portal to hypnotize people and take advantage of them. Servanti learned to make the Magic Portal penetrate the rope in mid air. After a short time Servanti died in a fire and the Magic Portal was lost for about 20 Years.

In 1966 The Magic Portal was found by a magic collector named Elmer Kelly who had it researched and authenticated to make sure it was the real Magic Portal. Elmer Kelly was also the first magician to learn to do a double penetration with the Magic Portal. He would actually make the Magic Portal penetrate the rope in two places at the same time.

In 1992 Elmer Kelly gave the Magic Portal to Monty who has had it every since. Like all the magicians who have owned the Magic Portal, Monty has learned to do something new with it. Monty has learned how to make the Magic Portal disappear and instantly reappear on the rope.

At this time Monty has no Ideal who he will be passing the portal on to.