Buttonhole Puzzle Also known as Holetite Pencil

To make this puzzle, drill a small hole through a new pencil just under the metal band at the top. Thread a piece of string through the hole and tie a knot in it to create a loop that is shorter than the pencil.

You can attach the pencil to any shirt with buttonholes large enough for the pencil to fit through freely. Place the loop around the buttonhole as shown in the illustration.

loop over buttonhole

Pull the fabric surrounding the buttonhole up through the loop. in effect this extends the length of the loop so it is longer then the pencil.

Pull fabric through loop

Place the tip of the pencil through the buttonhole.

Pincel in buttonhole

Pull the pencil through and the loop will form an knot around the buttonhole.

pencil through buttonhole pencil through buttonhole

To remove the pencil from the button hole, simply flower the above steps in reverse.