Printable Magic Words Crossword Puzzle

Learn about magic, magic tricks, magic history, illusions, and magicians.
How well do you know the words that magicians use to make their magic happen.


2. The very essence of spontaneity.
5. Used by Ali Baba
6. Used by Harry August Jasen.
8. A Patawatoni and Algonquian Indian word.
11. A primitive relic.
12. A phrase used by many magicians.
14. There it is.
15. Another spelling for magic used by some occultist.


1. prototypical magic word used by magicians.
2. Usually in a puff of smoke.
3. Word used by Mark Wilson.
4. To rise into the air by supernatural means.
7. Bestows a magic purse that yields ten pieces of gold whenever one reaches into it.
9. Used by professional magician John Blood to restore wonder in his audience.

10. The classic word for banishing infernal spirits form the material plane.
13. Used by Captain Marvel.
Across: 2. Presto, 5. Open Sesame, 6. Sim Sala Bim, 8. Kalamazoo, 11. Rune, 12. Hocus Pocus, 14. Voila, 15. Magick.

Down: 1. Abracadabra, 2. Poof, 3. Alakazam, 4. Levitation, 7. Fortune, 9. Behold, 10. Begone, 13. Sazam.

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