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Learn how to repair binoculars. Complete Tutorial.

Learn to repair and restore classic and antique cameras. Complet Tutorial.

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SB Nation

Eagles snapper Jon Dorenbos shows he is the the NFL's best magician on 'America's Got Talent'
SB Nation
Dorenbos spends his NFL offseasons touring and doing magic and comedy shows. Without having polled every NFL player, I think we're safe to assume Dorenbos is by far the best magician in the NFL. The only surprise is that Chip Kelly didn't utilize these ...
'America's Got Talent': NFL Star Jon Dorenbos Wows The Judges As A Magician — WatchHollywood Life
WATCH: NFL Player Wows Judges With Magic on America's Got TalentPeople Magazine
WATCH: Eagles' Jon Dorenbos dazzles 'America's Got Talent' with magic
DUNK360 (blog) -Australia Network News
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3 Female Magicians Tell Us What It's Like To Be A Woman In That World
But they are not realizing that the foundation of magic is a university of wealth [of knowledge.] And I have been collecting this university of wealth for very many years. And as a female magician, and I don't like to separate myself from the [male ...


Magic Movies: The Best Films About Magic and Magicians
After seeing David Copperfield's television specials as a kid I was gifted a magic set produced by Fisher Price (which was awesome by the way) and became obsessed with the art form. While I wouldn't consider myself a serious magician, I do perform a ...

Party Tips:

Plan ahead, it's attention to detail that makes the difference. Allow plenty of time to prepare for your party, make a list and shop smart. Things are hectic when party-time approaches so stay organized.

Q. How do you know that carrots are good for your eyesight?

A. Have you ever seen a rabbit wearing glasses?

A little Magic History:

C.L. Schmitt was the 23 rd. I.B.M. International President from 1961-1962

Monty all locked up in Honolulu Hawaii. Having a little fun with an illusionMonty is having a little fun with an illusin in Honolulu, Hawaii. His assistant was locked up in this illusion about five seconds ago.

Tips for Magicians:

Volunteering for non-for-profit venues

Volunteer to do your magic show for non-for-profit organizations as often as you can; it's the best way to gain experience and to make yourself known. Hospitals, care homes, charity fundraisers and schools can give you a lot of "free" promotion.  

Magical Creatures:


Simurgh first started out as a lion-bodied bird but eventually turned all bird. Simurgh is said to live at the Tree of Knowledge whose branches have the seed of every plant that has ever existed. This Persian bird is believed to have a magical touch that heals on contact, and have seen the world destroyed and created three times, thus having the knowledge of every age that has existed. Simurgh is said to be so large it can carry an elephant. It is also known to take children to nurse or adopt.

Secrets to magic:

Cards Across

Two cards on the table or in the spectator's hand instantly change places with two cards in your hand. You will find instructions for this illusion and many others in the catalog. You can download the instructions instantly and start learning how to perform this fun magic trick and illusion.

Learn to perform this great illusion.
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