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Learn how to repair binoculars. Complete Tutorial.

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Magic News:

Magician Says He Got Out Of Ticket With Magic Trick (VIDEO)
Huffington Post
He made the legal consequences disappear. Magician Steven Brundage said he was driving to his home in upstate New York from a gig in New York City at 3 a.m. on Saturday morning when he was pulled over by Scotia police. Officers said he was doing 42 ...
Rubik's Cube Magician Steven Brundage recognized the opportunity and
SEE IT: Magician shows off trick at traffic stopNew York Daily News
Magician gets out of speeding ticket with Rubik's Cube trickKTRK-TV
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Business 2 Community

Magician Steven Brundage gets out of speeding ticket by showing police a ...
A video in which a magician gets out of a speeding ticket by impressing police with his magic has gone viral. According to magician Steven Brundage, he was driving home from a holiday party in New York City when he was pulled over by police for driving ...
Magician Solves A Rubik's Cube In One Second And Gets Out Of Speeding TicketBusiness 2 Community

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Adam Trent, Magician, Makes Broadway Debut
New York Times
Unlike many in his trade, Mr. Trent stresses showmanship onstage, using music and comedy as well as magic. “I don't do the best tricks out there,” he acknowledged. “I full-on admit there are much better technical magicians than me, but you know, I look ...

Party Tips:

Choose your finger snacks carefully. Choose foods that complement each other. Try setting a theme for the food in each room or on each table. Allow 4 to 6 hot hors d'oeurves per person. Don't serve gooey, drippy sauces near expensive rugs or furniture. Keep some carpet cleaner on hand, just in case.

If law school is so hard to get through, why are there are so many lawyers?

A little Magic History: more history

Karrell Fox was the 48 th. I.B.M. International President from 1986-1987

Strolling Magic is a great conversation starter. People will turn to each other and talk about what they have just seen. Monty will mingle with your guests during the social or cocktail hour performing magic for small groups. This is very personal -- a delightful touch. Your group will receive professional entertainment highlighted by humor, mystery, and audience involvement.

Strolling Magic doesn't interrupt the flow of events. The magic happens up close - some of it happens in the spectator's hands. The magic can be done anywhere and under just about any conditions. No lighting, staging, or sound equipment is required. Strolling Magic is ideal as an ice-breaker at conferences, hospitality suites, banquets or parties, where noise levels may be high, or there is no room for alternative types of entertainment. Start planning a little magic for your next event.

Tips for Magicians:

Volunteering for non-for-profit venues

Volunteer to do your magic show for non-for-profit organizations as often as you can; its the best way to gain experience and to make yourself known. Hospitals, care homes, charity fundraisers and schools can give you a lot of "free" promotion.  

Magical Creatures:


Simurgh first started out as a lion-bodied bird but eventually turned all bird. Simurgh is said to live at the Tree of Knowledge whose branches have the seed of every plant that has ever existed. This Persian bird is believed to have a magical touch that heals on contact, and have seen the world destroyed and created three times, thus having the knowledge of every age that has existed. Simurgh is said to be so large it can carry an elephant. It is also known to take children to nurse or adopt.

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