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Learn More About Monty

Monty Holds Three Guinness World Records

A segment of Monty's sponge ball routine has been a Guinness World Record since November of 2001.

On November 10, 2001 Monty set a new record for vanishing sponge balls one by one
using only sleight-of-hand (no gimmicks) and reproducing all of them in his hands at one time.
This record was given official Guinness World Record status on March 3, 2002.

Monty also holds two Guinness World Records with the Chinese Linking Rings.

Unforgeable Magic Shows:

Monty's card magic Ask Monty to show you a trick with cards. Monty does things with cards that you simply won't believe.

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Plan ahead, it's attention to detail that makes the difference. Allow plenty of time to prepare for your party, make a list and shop smart. Things are hectic when party-time approaches so stay organized.

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The cabyll-ushtey is the water-horse of the Isle of man. The spirit is as dangerous as Each Uisge but not as many stories are told about it.
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